Voise Coin – Decentralized platform for musicians

Voise is a decentralized platform for uploading, buying and listening to music. The Voise Coin is used on the platform to monetize the music of independent artists and allow them to keep 100 percent of their sales themselves.

The Voise crypto currency is to become the definitive currency for the purchase of music on the platform. There are already other blockchains with a focus on music, but thanks to Ethereum technology the forecast looks promising.

Voise Coin – What is this Ethereum code?

The Voise crypto currency is also called Ethereum code, abbreviated VSM. The Voise Coin is an ERC-20 token based on ethereum. With the Ethereum blockchain as the basis of the VSM coin development, the team can use Smart Contracts for the blockchain. Smart Contracts automatically regulate the purchase and sale of music and can also automate many other applications. More info about it in the Ethereum code review. The Smart Contracts make the middleman obsolete, and this is one of the core concerns of the VSM Coin: the platform is peer-to-peer without a middleman, including all transactions of Voi se Coins. 100 percent of the money goes directly to the artists so that they can make it as easy as possible to make a living with their music. The crypto currency is currently the only blockchain-based music platform that uses Ethereum.

There will be a limited amount of coins from the VSM coin. There will be a maximum of 100 million VSM, which corresponds to the amount of 575,000 ethers, since 160 Voi se coins are currently being created per 1 ether (the coin of Ethereum). In the future it should be possible to pay with other currencies on the platform. Nevertheless, the developers want to offer an incentive to buy the coin. If payments are made out of the official Voise Coin Wallet, they will be cheaper than with other wallets.

The crypto currency platform is completely decentralized. Anyone who makes music can upload it to the platform, a record company is not needed. The artists can decide for themselves how they want to monetize their songs. They can charge for their songs and allow short streams as previews, as is already common on platforms like Amazon or Bandcamp. Or they make the music freely accessible and allow users to donate voluntarily. The artists can determine the prices of their works themselves, but 1 VSM per song is recommended.

Voise Coin – Who is behind the Bitcoin code?

The Bitcoin code is still at an early stage, but many artists can already be found on the platform. Even if you are not a musician, you can earn some coins. An Alpha Launch has already been successfully carried out, which was also noticeable in the Bitcoin code. The team wants to increase the reach of the platform and rewards everyone who participates. You can advertise the crypto currency on Twitter or your own blog or help to translate content.

The development has not been finished yet, but an Alpha Launch has already been successfully carried out, which was also noticeable in the VSM Coin course. As features a search engine for music, playlists, an own music player, the linking with social media of the artists and profiles are already planned. In addition, users can build master nodes by freezing some of the VSM coins in their wallets. This will pay them a few coins. The decentralized peer-to-peer network and master nodes guarantee that the platform is difficult to attack and damage from the outside.

The Voi/se development started already in 2016, led by a rather unknown team. Founder Ivan Rosetti holds a degree in IT and works as a software developer at Dell. Isaac Rodriguez is responsible for Voise’s back-end. He also previously worked for Dell. Ying Hao Chen designs the interface and graphics. With such an art-oriented platform, it’s not an area to neglect. There’s a lot more that can’t be found out about the people behind the project. Some people might wish for big names in order to be able to better predict the development of the project.

Loopring Coin – All important details at a glance

The Loopring Coin, also called LRC, is a crypto currency with which other crypto currencies can be traded.

The blockchain of the coin functions as an independent exchange service and wants to make trading with crypto currencies easier and more decentralized. Liquidity and transparency of the blockchain could speak for an excellent forecast.

Loopring Coin – What is this crypto currency according to onlinebetrug?

The loopring crypto currency is a fee that is charged for trading crypto currencies on the blockchain. The LRC coin and its blockchain are based on the Ethereum blockchain and make active use of its Smart Contracts says onlinebetrug. This makes it possible to use Loopring’s blockchain as a trading platform. Crypto currencies can be secured in the wallet in order to trade them directly from there, in contrast to exchange exchanges or other blockchains with a similar approach, where the onlinebetrug coins usually have to be uploaded to the platform. The aim of the development is to create a platform on which trading with ERC20 tokens is possible, i.e. crypto currencies based on ethereum. The crypto currency is blockchain “agnostic”, so it is theoretically compatible with all crypto currencies.

Trading on the platform for the Bitcoin revolution is very sophisticated

If you want to exchange a crypto currency, you place an order via the Loopring Wallet according to the review of the Bitcoin revolution. This order is sent to the Smart Contracts and several transmission nodes. With the match ring, the Smart Contracts automatically ensure that the coins are exchanged at the conditions specified in the order. Ring miners also contribute to this. They establish the connection between the client and the crypto exchanges and receive a reward in the form of fees from LRC Coins.

There is also the possibility that he receives a part of the profit margin, should he find a better offer. However, the exchange is still made through the Smart Contracts, the Ring Miners only provide the infrastructure. This ensures that Ring Miners cannot manipulate the trade because the Smart Contracts are impartial. The Smat Contracts and the Match Rings ensure that the terms and conditions for the exchange are correct on both sides.

If this is not the case, the match rings circulate until the desired trading pair is found. The match ring should also adjust automatically if the conditions change. This system has the advantage that all crypto currencies are on the wallet all the time. Central exchange exchanges have already been attacked, but the coins are safer on the wallet.

Veritaseum Coin – Who is behind the crypto currency?

The company behind the development was founded in 2014. At that time the Veritaseum coin was still called “Ultracoin”. However, since there was already a coin with this name, it was decided to rename it. The founder of the project is Reggie Middleton, a financial expert who previously wrote for the Huffington Post. He became famous for predicting the housing bubble and the collapse of several major banks. Since 2007, he has led a research team whose analyses are published on an independent platform.

About the Bitcoin profit review

The crypto currency had no easy start. Although there was a good demand for the Bitcoin profit review. However, after the ICO it became apparent that 36,000 Verita seum coins were stolen and immediately exchanged for tether. This caused a loss of 8 million dollars. But Reggie Middleton made it clear afterwards that it was only 0.07 % of the tokens sold and that none of the investors lost their money. Despite this small setback, the Veritaseum coin price had performed well.

Advantages and disadvantages
With crypto currencies you always have to be careful if there is not a scam lurking somewhere. Whether not unknown developers throw a coin on the market and then make themselves after the ICO with the money out of the dust. Also with Verita seum voices became already loud, which suspected a swindle. The reasons for this are numerous: First there is the lack of a white paper describing the VERI Coin development in more detail. When Reggie Middletdon asks where the white paper is, he immediately makes it clear that he doesn’t need one and prefers to concentrate on the actual development.

Which almost speaks for itself again, many scams start with an opaque white paper, but nothing behind it. It continues with an opaque website and many open questions about the token. In addition, 98% of all coins are with the developers. And in addition there is the fact that hardly anything is known about the rest of the team and few stock exchanges that offer the crypto currency.

Does this make the VERI Coin forecast look bad? Not really. The project has a solid concept, which is why many also believe that an investment is worthwhile. Maybe Middleton just doesn’t communicate well and doesn’t care about making a good impression. That certainly doesn’t help, but it can lead to the coin being undervalued.

Veritaseum Coin Price – Development – Forecast

At the start on 18 June 2017, the share price stood at around 70 euros, and the very next day it jumped to 140 euros. Throughout July it fluctuated between 200 and 130 euros, after which the crypto currency lost value for a while. In August the exchange rate fell below 100, in September to 60 euros, up to 40 euros in October. In November, the share price then went consistently up again for the first time, reaching almost EUR 100 per VERI coin.

In December, the Veritaseum Coin price looked really good. For a short time, the coin managed to reach more than 300 euros, mostly more than 200 euros. The mood was best in the new year and the upward trend for the crypto currency continued. It was 390 euros on 9 January. From then on, it slowly but steadily went down, and in February the exchange rate fluctuated between 270 and 180 euros.

The Veritaseum Coin forecast: Despite the downward trend, the VERI Coin price appears to be holding up better than in the previous year. The hack during the ICO did not damage the coin sustainably and the coin is traded high. The price will probably fall or rise more often, depending on the mood against the crypto currencies.

EOS was developed by Dan Larimer

EOS was developed by Dan Larimer, the creator of BitShares and Steemit, and will not only compete with other intelligent contract platforms such as Ethereum, but also represent a true third-generation crypto currency platform.

EOS works according to completely different principles than other blockchain projects, since it uses a system known as “delegated proof-of-stake”.

What is Bitcoin Trader?

At its core, EOS should be a highly scalable platform on which decentralized applications can be executed without problems. While competitor Ethereum can be considered a global computer, EOS is more like a global operating system. The intention of the developers for Bitcoin Trader is to enable fast and easy deployment of distributed applications (or dapps).

While Ethereum-based applications have to be built from scratch every time, EOS claims to be able to implement a variety of standard applications with minimal effort.

From a technical point of view, EOS differs greatly from Ethereum in its consensus model. Ethereum still works according to the proof-of-work model (POW). It is likely to move to the proof-of-stake model called Casper POS in the coming months.

The founder of EOS, Dan Larimer, wanted to prevent the formation of mining pools that could theoretically endanger the security of a blockchain by centralizing resources. To prevent this, Larimer introduces a consensus model, which he himself calls “delegated proof-of-stake”.

The EOS consensus model

A “delegated proof-of-stake” means that only 20 units may create new blocks at a time. These 20 miners are called witnesses.

At the end of each 21-block round, the top 20 are automatically selected. The percentage of votes earned determines the number of blocks the witness is entitled to create. Since the unit that digs the block receives the entire block reward, it is a very lucrative and coveted position.

The reason for creating a delegated proof is to prevent the formation of mining pools in order to increase the security of the network. The need for voting and the limitation to 20 units greatly reduces the number of people who are able to influence the block chain in a potentially harmful way.

Similarly, if a witness is elected, he is encouraged to act in the best interest of the blockchain so that he does not lose his position and all potential gains.

Current EOS share price

Millions of transactions per second
In an interview on YouTube with YouTuber Ivan on Tech Larimer stated that a blockchain project can only be accepted if it works smoothly.

Therefore EOS was designed so that no crypto currency unit of any kind is required to participate in or interact with the EOS – Blockchain. The blockchain is designed to handle millions of transactions per second. EOS is still under development and will not be published until later this year.

The ERC 20 token controversy
Eos started his ICO in the middle of last year. However, since the block chain does not yet exist, it was not possible to offer EOS tokens for sale directly. Instead, a bridging measure was introduced. The EOS tokens were published as Ethereum ERC-20 tokens with the expectation that they can later be exchanged for EOS tokens as soon as the platform is released in mid-2018.

Unfortunately, there was also a worrying entry in the white paper. Holders of EOS ERC 20 tokens are not necessarily entitled to the “original” EOS tokens. Investors feel betrayed because they fear that their ERC-20 tokens are worthless.

Buy EOS with PayPal

Conclusion: EOS Review
What EOS offers is certainly convincing. Although it will not necessarily replace Ethereum, it could prove to be a serious competitor.

In recent months there have been a number of “Smart-Contract” and “decentralized app” focused blockchain projects. For example, Cardano and QTUM could threaten not only EOS, but Ethereum as well.

If EOS is really able to offer free transactions, this could be a decisive advantage over Ethereum. Nevertheless, you should see for yourself whether it is worth the risk of investing in a project that has not yet been published.

Wall Street analyst concerned about Bitcoin price

There’s a lot of excitement about the Bitcoin price right now. DataTrek Research co-founder Nick Colas is not too convinced that crypto currency will survive. Although he is the first Bitcoin analyst on Wall Street, his forecast looks rather gloomy.

Bitcoin a good investment or not?
One of the most frequently asked questions is whether Bitcoin is a good investment or not. There seems to be no right or wrong answer to this question. Some people think that it is the future of money, while others are rather negative. Nick Colas does not see a promising future in Bitcoin.

Even the recent rise in the Bitcoin price is not convincing for Colas. The Bitcoin price is still a long way from its all-time high at the end of 2017. Colas quickly points out that 2017 was a clear bubble that burst. It refers to this, as interest has dropped significantly, which can also be seen in the Google Trends.

Perhaps the most worrying sign is the lack of growth in bitcoin wallets. Colas believes that bitcoin adoption is slowing and is a bad investment. But if you look at the Blockchain – Wallet this chart shows a different course.

Is the Wall Street analyst right?

Most bit coaches won’t pay much attention to it. All these “problem points” have already been discussed dozens of times. So far Bitcoin has overcome all adversities and will probably continue to do so.

It is important for investors to keep an overview. Nick Colas only discusses the short-term changes in connection with the Bitcoin price. These last six months are a brief snapshot. He does not mention that the Bitcoin price has still risen significantly since May 2017. In the crypto industry it is essential to keep an eye on the long-term picture.

Bitcoin is always a risky investment, but that doesn’t make it worth less. The discussion of the price is only a small facet of what the crypto currency is really about.