Press Releases

Equally Blessed Dismayed by Supreme Court Hobby Lobby Ruling

Employment, Benefits and Services Threatened for LGBT People, Allies

June 30, 2014. Members of Equally Blessed, a coalition of Catholic organizations committed to equality and justice for LGBT people released the following statement after the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores.

Catholics Applaud Obama’s Plans to Protect LGBT Workers from Discrimination

Equally Blessed supports President Obama’s plans to sign an executive order granting protection for LGBT employees, and urges him to not include a religious exemption.

WASHINGTON, D. C., June 27, 2014—The Equally Blessed coalition released the following statement regarding President Obama’s plans to sign an executive order granting protection for LGBT employees of organizations that take federal money:

On National Marriage Week, Equally Blessed Celebrates All Marriages

In response to the Bishop’s National Marriage Week campaign, the Equally Blessed coalition urges US Catholics to pray for the inclusion and celebration of same-sex couples in the Catholic Church.

Boston, MA., February 6, 2014—Today, the Equally Blessed coalition released the following statement regarding the US Conference of Catholic Bishop’s call for Catholics to participate in “National Marriage Day” on February 9 and “National Marriage Week” on February 7-14:

The National Marriage Week campaign’s limited scope creates an unwelcoming Church for the thousands of US Catholics in same-sex marriages who live their lives as shining examples of love in the face of discrimination. By encouraging local parishes to observe “National Marriage Day” during Sunday mass, the bishops are once again using the liturgy as a weapon to further alienate LGBT Catholics and their supporters.

Time's Person of the Year is a Pope who Listens to Lay Catholics

Time Magazine’s selection of Pope Francis as its Person of the Year recognizes the significant new energy and focus the Pope has brought to Catholicism over the past nine months. His pastoral attitude toward marginalized people, including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, is changing the prosecutorial tone that has prevailed in many corners of the church, although there are still many places where the Pope’s message seems to fall on deaf ears.

Catholic Organizations Launch Survey to Collect Lay Input for Vatican Synod on the Family

On November 12, 2013, a group of 15 progressive Catholic organizations (including all four Equally Blessed coalition partners) launched an on-line survey to enable U.S. Catholics to provide input to the US Conference of Catholic Bishops and to the Vatican in preparation for an upcoming Synod on the Family. Over 1,200 Catholics completed the survey within the first three hours after it was made available.

Invoking Pope Francis, Catholic LGBT Advocates Invite Bishops to New Dialogue

To our brothers in Christ, the U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops:

Much has changed since you last gathered in Baltimore to discern where God is leading our Church and how we as Catholics should respond.  Many of these changes are bringing great hope to Catholics, including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Catholics and our families. We have a new Pope, a man who desires to move the church beyond ideological battles and to emphasize mercy, not judgment, in the way Church leaders govern.