Bitcoin Price Predicted to Face Rocky Period by Morgan Stanley

2. April 2023 Aus Von admin

• Morgan Stanley recently warned that a stock crash could send the prices of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies down.
• There are many industry leaders who believe that cryptocurrency prices will skyrocket in 2023, despite the bad year it had in 2022.
• While some analysts have suggested that the correlation between stocks and crypto has thinned out, others think there are elements such as reduced inflation and less aggressive interest rate hikes that could help bolster crypto even further.

Morgan Stanley Predicts a Rocky Period for BTC and Crypto

Nick Marinoff · March 31, 2023 · 1:00 pm The prices of bitcoin and various other forms of crypto have been doing well these past few weeks. Spikes have occurred that have brought assets like bitcoin to new six-month highs, though Morgan Stanley is now saying that a massive stock crash could come along soon that may bring the prices of these digital assets down.

The Sentiment for 2023 So Far

The sentiment for 2023 thus far is that it will be a bullish year. There are several industry heads such as Tim Draper, for example, that think the price of bitcoin is going to reach far beyond what anyone thought imaginable. He has suggested a $250K price for BTC, though at the time of writing, there’s really nothing solid confirming that what he’s saying will occur. One must wonder if this is all wishful thinking given how bad 2022 was. During the previous year, bitcoin (after hitting a new all-time high of $68,000 per unit) fell into the doldrums and ended 2022 at a measly $16,600. A lot of this could be attributed to the FTX crash and the many bankruptcies that littered 2022, but several other forms of crypto followed in BTC’s footsteps and contributed to the space losing more than $2 trillion in overall valuation.

Michael Wilson’s Thoughts on This Matter

Michael Wilson – an analyst with Morgan Stanley – recently explained: We think March is a high-risk month for the next leg lower in stocks. Stocks tend to figure it out a month early and trade lower, and this cycle has illustrated that pattern perfectly. With uncertainty on the fundamentals rarely this high, the technical[s] may determine the market’s next big move. The good news is that this could just be a case of gloom and doom given researchers with Citi claim the correlation between stocks and crypto has thinned out somewhat in recent years. Thus, it’s safe to assume even if stocks come tumbling down, bitcoin and its altcoin cousins could potentially remain safe.

Not Everyone Is Negative

In addition, some analysts say there are many elements – such as reduced inflation and less aggressive interest rate hikes – that will occur in 2023 which could help bolster crypto even further. Samir Kerbage – chief investment officer at Hashdex – stated in a blog post: This year’s improving macroeconomic landscape including rosier inflation expectations and reduction in pace central bank rate increases has lifted risk assets in general while we don’t anticipate any huge moves upward or downward from here on out we believe smaller gains should be expected throughout 2023 barring any major economic shocks or events taking place over course year .


All things considered it looks like cryptocurrency investors can expect see both highs lows during course coming months no matter how stocks perform due different factors influencing market both positively negatively while investors should always exercise caution investing any kind asset they might find themselves pleasantly surprised when comes their investments end year .