Crypto Strategist Kalah Haley: Blockchain Tech is Here to Stay!

11. März 2023 Aus Von admin

• Kalah Haley, founder of Saint Rock Media, is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) strategist who believes that digital assets have potential but need to change directions.
• She believes blockchain technology will be the future and that cryptocurrency is not going away anytime soon.
• She is a huge fan of bitcoin because it’s fully decentralized and controlled by no single entity.

Kalah Haley on the Future of Digital Assets

Non-fungible token (NFT) strategist and founder of Saint Rock Media Kalah Haley makes her paychecks by analyzing where the NFT market will go. NFTs, while not necessarily cryptocurrency, are arguably crypto-based given that they are tokens running on blockchain and they can sometimes be used as collateral to gain crypto. In a recent interview, Haley said that while she feels digital assets have a lot of potential and are here to stay, they need to change their directions up a bit given they’re not really going anywhere at the time of writing.

Misconception About Crypto

Haley stated: I think a lot of people have a pretty bad misconception. The biggest thing, in her opinion, is blockchain technology. She believes blockchain is going to be what companies and individuals really take to in the coming years, and that if crypto has anything to offer, this technology is it.

Bitcoin: The Daddy Of All Altcoins

She also mentioned that she’s a huge fan of bitcoin, and that she feels it’s the only digital asset out there today that really has anything to present. She loves that it’s fully decentralized and uncontrolled by a single entity. She also states it was the first crypto to come to the market, and that as the biggest one and the daddy of all follow-up altcoins, it has the most chance of integrating itself into modern society.

Why Bitcoin?

She said: I think bitcoin is a good bet simply because it’s the most decentralized – no one controls it – which also makes it hard build on top of since no one owns or maintains its technology either.

Other Analysts Also Like Bitcoin

She is not alone in her opinion about BTC; despite bearish markets in 2022 when BTC fell over 50%, well known analyst Tim Draper also likes BTC