Faster Crypto Transfers Now Available Through Rain and Tarabut Partnership

17. April 2023 Aus Von admin

• Crypto Exchange Rain and Tarabut are partnering to provide customers with faster transactions.
• Through this partnership, customers can add digital currencies to their wallets without leaving the Rain platform, as well as benefit from faster and more secure transfers.
• Open banking systems will also give customers access to a wider range of accounts and help ensure transparency of transactions.

Crypto Exchange Rain & Tarabut Partner Up

Open banking firm Tarabut Gateway is joining forces with Bahrain-based crypto exchange Rain in order to provide customers with faster transactions. Customers can now add digital currencies to their wallets without having to leave the Rain platform, while also benefiting from faster and more secure transfers.

Speedier Transactions

The partnership between Rain and Tarabut is set to speed up fiat-to-crypto transfers tenfold, while reducing errors that come from traditional bank wire transfers. According to Abdulla Almoayed – founder and chief executive of Tarabut – this solution aims “to make fiat-to-crypto transfers quicker, more secure, and cost-effective”. Meanwhile, Joseph Dallago – chief executive of Rain – believes that the partnership will enable crypto traders on their platform “to seamlessly fund their accounts and capitalize on market movements”.

Benefits of Open Banking Systems

Open banking systems are beneficial for both cryptocurrency exchanges and users alike as they allow full transparency of transactions and ensure third parties cannot do anything untoward without being reported by the customer. Customers will be able to view the trading habits of banks they work with in order to spot any anomalies or suspicious activity. Additionally, open banking systems grant customers access to a wide range of accounts including banks, credit card providers, and other financial institutions so they can easily carry out transfers or other activities quickly.

Future Implications

Rain’s partnership with Tarabut has opened doors for both companies as it looks likely that these new protocols may soon become commonplace across the industry when dealing with digital currency transactions in an open banking environment. This is great news for cryptocurrency traders who were previously limited by slow transaction speeds when transferring into or out of cryptocurrency exchanges using traditional methods such as bank wires or cards payments which can often take days or even weeks depending on the country you reside in (e.g USA). The advent of this speedy service should revolutionize how people trade cryptocurrencies going forward!

About Tarabut & Rain

Tarabut Gateway is an open banking firm located in Bahrain while Rain is a crypto exchange offering its services from there too; providing users with quick ways to purchase digital assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) etc., directly from their bank accounts within minutes rather than days/weeks like before! Both companies have worked together in order to create a seamless experience for users looking transfer funds into/out of cryptocurrency exchanges quickly & securely – something which was previously not possible due traditional methods used previously by many countries/banks around world today!