Hadeswap Acquires Solana Monkey Business: Unlocking the Future of NFTs

17. Februar 2023 Aus Von admin

• Hadeswap has acquired the IP rights to Solana Monkey Business, a popular NFT project on the Solana blockchain.
• Hadeswap intends to continue to support the project while making it more approachable to a larger audience and incorporating it into the ecosystem of its Hadeswap and HADES tokens.
• Data from CryptoSlam shows that SMB has produced more trading volume (in USD) than any other Solana project, amounting to about $159 million.

Hadeswap Acquires Solana Monkey Business

Hadeswap, an innovative type of marketplace that uses an automated market maker (AMM) and trading pools rather than conventional item listings, has announced that it has purchased the IP rights for one of the first and most valuable NFT projects on the Solana blockchain – Solana Monkey Business (SMB). The platform intends to continue to support the well-known project while bridging its shortcomings in order make it more approachable to a larger audience.

Legacy Respected

Hadeswap stated its intentions to „respect the legacy“ of Solana Monkey Business while transferring ownership of the IP rights over to HadesDAO in order lead this initiative. The platform also plans involves participation in Hadeswaps DAO funding & proposals as part of its commitment towards supporting SMB’s future development.

Solana Monkey Business Overview

Solana Monkey Business was one of the first initiatives in emerging Solana NFT market, debuting in June 2021 with 205 initial pixel collectibles featuring a monkey in space. Over 5,000 NFT profile pictures (PFPs), known as Gen2 collection have grown popular among collectors over past year or so with a floor price (or price of cheapest listed NFT) around 283 SOL which amounts up to almost $5,800 on Magic Eden marketplace – second highest starting price after DeGods among any significant projects involving at least 1000 pieces .

Trading Volume Stats

Data from CryptoSlam shows that SMB has produced more trading volume (in USD) than any other Solana project amounting up to about $159 million which is mainly due its popularity when SOL was close its peak price at $260 back in late 2021.


The acquisition by HadesWap will bring new life into this established project while keeping intact its legacy along with providing necessary funds for further development plus increasing accessibility for larger audiences through varied platforms like HADES tokens etc.