Voise Coin – Decentralized platform for musicians

17. November 2018 Aus Von admin

Voise is a decentralized platform for uploading, buying and listening to music. The Voise Coin is used on the platform to monetize the music of independent artists and allow them to keep 100 percent of their sales themselves.

The Voise crypto currency is to become the definitive currency for the purchase of music on the platform. There are already other blockchains with a focus on music, but thanks to Ethereum technology the forecast looks promising.

Voise Coin – What is this Ethereum code?

The Voise crypto currency is also called Ethereum code, abbreviated VSM. The Voise Coin is an ERC-20 token based on ethereum. With the Ethereum blockchain as the basis of the VSM coin development, the team can use Smart Contracts for the blockchain. Smart Contracts automatically regulate the purchase and sale of music and can also automate many other applications. More info about it in the Ethereum code review. The Smart Contracts make the middleman obsolete, and this is one of the core concerns of the VSM Coin: the platform is peer-to-peer without a middleman, including all transactions of Voi se Coins. 100 percent of the money goes directly to the artists so that they can make it as easy as possible to make a living with their music. The crypto currency is currently the only blockchain-based music platform that uses Ethereum.

There will be a limited amount of coins from the VSM coin. There will be a maximum of 100 million VSM, which corresponds to the amount of 575,000 ethers, since 160 Voi se coins are currently being created per 1 ether (the coin of Ethereum). In the future it should be possible to pay with other currencies on the platform. Nevertheless, the developers want to offer an incentive to buy the coin. If payments are made out of the official Voise Coin Wallet, they will be cheaper than with other wallets.

The crypto currency platform is completely decentralized. Anyone who makes music can upload it to the platform, a record company is not needed. The artists can decide for themselves how they want to monetize their songs. They can charge for their songs and allow short streams as previews, as is already common on platforms like Amazon or Bandcamp. Or they make the music freely accessible and allow users to donate voluntarily. The artists can determine the prices of their works themselves, but 1 VSM per song is recommended.

Voise Coin – Who is behind the Bitcoin code?

The Bitcoin code is still at an early stage, but many artists can already be found on the platform. Even if you are not a musician, you can earn some coins. An Alpha Launch has already been successfully carried out, which was also noticeable in the Bitcoin code. The team wants to increase the reach of the platform and rewards everyone who participates. You can advertise the crypto currency on Twitter or your own blog or help to translate content.

The development has not been finished yet, but an Alpha Launch has already been successfully carried out, which was also noticeable in the VSM Coin course. As features a search engine for music, playlists, an own music player, the linking with social media of the artists and profiles are already planned. In addition, users can build master nodes by freezing some of the VSM coins in their wallets. This will pay them a few coins. The decentralized peer-to-peer network and master nodes guarantee that the platform is difficult to attack and damage from the outside.

The Voi/se development started already in 2016, led by a rather unknown team. Founder Ivan Rosetti holds a degree in IT and works as a software developer at Dell. Isaac Rodriguez is responsible for Voise’s back-end. He also previously worked for Dell. Ying Hao Chen designs the interface and graphics. With such an art-oriented platform, it’s not an area to neglect. There’s a lot more that can’t be found out about the people behind the project. Some people might wish for big names in order to be able to better predict the development of the project.